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The sailmakers at Harding Sails consider understanding our customer’s needs a top priority. We’re dedicated to having our finished product be the right equipment for the job. Before making recommendations, the sailmakers at Harding Sails will inquire about our customers’ boat, sailing style, location and plans for the future.

This attention to the customer’s needs is very important. There are many decisions that need to be made in the conception phase of a cruising sail. These choices affect performance, durability, and price. The team at Harding Sails has decades of experience working closely with cloth manufacturers to give a complete understanding of both the latest technology and the proven fabrics. Our customers benefit from this experience as we offer detailed descriptions of the cloth choices available to them.

When it comes to figuring the details and options on a sail, the sailmakers at Harding Sails will be working hard to educate the customer as to the relative benefits of the choices to be made. Upon receipt of an order one of our team will visit your boat to custom measure it to ensure a perfectly fitting sail.

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Our sailmakers have vast experience, having sailed on many different types of boats in many different conditions, and therefore have first-hand knowledge of the effects on performance, handling, and durability of the different options available. The result is a sail that is most appropriate for the customer, offering the very best in performance, durability and value.

Harding cruising sails are ruggedly built, our customers have tested our products day sailing, cruising and crossing oceans. Contact us and see how we can help you to enjoy your boat even more.

Harding sails are computer designed and computer cut with the latest manufacturing technology.

Contact us to learn more about how we can put our skill and technology to work for you. (Request quote)

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